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The course of the company during the last years is increasing. A very important reason is the role of certain principles...


Useful info

  • The clothes are delivered by theιr own hat. Dresses have their own jacket.
  • The size we sew is usual for baptism, that is attributable to age 1.5 year. If you need smaller or bigger...


Postage info

  • Goods sent by the GENIKI TAXYDROMIKI postal service (tel. +30 210 4851100).
  • Payment method is by bank deposit on the day of the shipment or by cash on delivery with prior collusion.


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  • 2015 3

    Boys collection summer 2016

    Our little boys wear the new collection clothes and know how they feel. They are cool, they are stylish, they walk with self confidence. They are stars.

  • 2012 2

    Girls collection summer 2016

    Our little girl wear the new collection dresses and know where they are. They are allready inside their dream castle and make their formal entrance. Everyone admires them.

  • 152057

    Chrisoms for boys 2016

    Our little boys are confused. Their chrisoms have so "live" drawings that they think chrisoms are toys.

  • 232054

    Chrisoms for girls 2016

    Our little girls stare at their chrisoms and dream of the day they become princesses.

Contact us

25 Ioanninon str.
GR152 34  Halandri
Τel.  +30 210 6815856
Fax:  +30 210 6824642


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